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Hausi A. Müller, PhD, PEng
TCSE Chair
University of Victoria
Faculty of Engineering at University of Victoria, Canada. He is Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE). His research interests include software engineering, software evolution, smarter commerce, self-adaptive and self-managing systems, situation-aware systems, context-aware systems, service-oriented systems, reverse engineering, software reengineering, program understanding, and visualization. 

He is a principal investigator in the NSERC Strategic Research Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI). The main research goal of the SAVI Network is to address the design of future applications platforms built on a flexible, versatile and evolvable infrastructure that can readily deploy, maintain, and retire the large-scale, possibly short-lived, distributed applications that will be typical in the future applications marketplace. The SAVI partnership involves investigators from nine Canadian universities and 13 companies bringing together expertise in networking, cloud computing, applications, and business.

In 2011 Dr. Müller’s research team won the IBM Canada CAS Research Project of the Year Award. In 2006 he received the IBM CAS Faculty Fellow of the Year Award, the CSER Outstanding Leadership Award, and a Stevens Citation for his many contributions to the software reverse engineering community. He was the founding Director of BSEng, a CEAB accredited Bachelor of Software Engineering degree program in the Faculty of Engineering. He serves on the Editorial Board of Software Maintenance and Evolution and Software Process: Improvement and Practice (JSME). He served on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).


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