Graduate Students Presentations

Graduate students Presentations

  • Garlan, D., Cheng, S.-W., Huang, A.-C., Schmerl, B., Steenkiste, P.: Rainbow: Architecture-Based Self-Adaptation with Reusable Infrastructure. IEEE Computer 37(10):46-54 (2004) — Angela Rook, July 23 --- colbw
  • Kramer, J., Magee, J.: Self-Managed Systems: An Architectural Challenge. In: ACM /IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering 2007 Future of Software Engineering (ICSE), pp. 259-268 (2007) — Pratik Jain, July 23  --- colbw
  • Oreizy, P., Medvidovic, N., Taylor, R.N.: Runtime Software Adaptation: Framework, Approaches, and Styles. In: ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2008), pp. 899-910 (2008) —Alessia Knauss, July 24  --- colbw
  • Brun, Y., Di Marzo Serugendo, G., Gacek, C. Giese, H. Kienle, H.M., Litoiu, M., Müller, H.M., Pezzè, M., Shaw, M.: Engineering Self-Adaptive Systems through Feedback Loops. SE for Self-Adaptive Systems, pp. 48-70 (2009) — Samra Ramandeep, July 24  --- colbw
  • Kaushik, R.T., Cherkasova, L., Campbell, R.H., Nahrstedt, K.: Lightning: self-adaptive, energy-conserving, multi-zoned, commodity green cloud storage system, ACM International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC 2010), 332-335 (2010) — Andi Bergen, July 26  --- colbw
  • Villegas, N.M., Müller, H.A., Tamura, G., Duchien, L., Casallas, R.: A framework for evaluating quality-driven self-adaptive software systems. In: Proc. 6th Int. Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2011), pp. 80-89 (2011) — Lorena Castaneda, July 30  --- colbw
  • Ebrahimi, S., Villegas, N.M., Müller, H.A., Thomo, A.: SmarterDeals: a context-aware deal recommendation system based on the SmarterContext engine. CASCON 2012:116-130 (2012) — Nina Taherimakhsousi, July 30  --- colbw
  • McKinley, P.K., Sadjadi, M., Kasten, E.P., Cheng, B.H.C.: Composing Adaptive Software. IEEE Computer 37(7):56-64 (2004) — Carlos Gomez, July 31  --- colbw
  • Tewari, V., Milenkovic, M.: Standards for Autonomic Computing, Intel Technology Journal, 10(4):275-284 (2006) — Nitin Goyal, July 31  --- colbw