What is it?

Lively, also known as Lively Kernel, is a new approach to web programming. Lively provides a platform and development environment right in the browser for building web applications. No installation of tools is required. Simply go to the Lively URL and start coding. For more information go the the lively homepage or try it yourself.


Video creators are usually not the same people that distribute the video or have control over post processing. This is due, in part, to the fact that video post processing and distribution is complicated and requires the services of subject matter experts. Services such as Youtube attempt to simplify this process but in turn content creators do not have control over how the video is distributed once they upload it to the Youtube service.

GStreamer is a library that allows developers to construct video pipelines. Using pre-defined blocks, known as elements, a pipeline can be constructed that does video cropping, green screening, and encoding on the fly. Each of these blocks, as well as the pipelines themselves, can use realtime feedback to make adjustments such as modifying the encoding codec based on a user device type or replacing the green screen with content that is relevant to a specific user. This type of control and personalization is very powerful but given the complexity of GStreamer it makes it impossible for a non programmer to work with.


The proposed solution is to combine the Lively Kernel with GStreamer. The vision is to give content creators a set of widgets that they drag and drop on their screen to create pipelines and set rules for which situations those pipelines will run under. In other words, the content creator will be able to control how their content is viewed by someone using a mobile device vs someone watching it at home on their 4K TV.