Web-Tasking Knowledge Infrastructure data

Observable results

or_name or_type or_source satisfactionProperty_name satisfactionProperty_type satisfactionProperty_value satisfactionThreshold
GSlist APP_DATA GSList_App.list itemsCount INTEGER list.count.EndTime list.count.endTime <= 0.2*list.count.initTime
OnlinePayment APP_DATA OnlinePayment_App groceryCharges DOUBLE charges.concept(grocery).sum charges.concept(grocery).sum <= 200

Execution Plan

Predecessor wst_description wst_condition wst-infoResource ws_activity
0 Get personal goal metrics SC-CoRE ope_q_gspg
0 Get user’s grocery shopping list application  SC-CoRE ope_q_gsappinfo
2 Connect to the Grocery Shopping list application (Authenticate) and retrieve grocery list items Secure connection Grocery Shopping List Application ope_q_gsli
0 Get user’s grocery stores SC-CoRE ope_q_peappinfo
4 Connect and retrieve grocery stores catalogue   Store application ope_q_stappinfo
0 Get personal purchase criteria. E.g., best deal, closer location, budget, and item priorities. SC-CoRE ope_q_pers
3_5_6 Match item per store. That is, according the purchase criteria create grocery list purchases per store. self bestdealappinfo
7 Place orders in the stores online system Store application placeorder
0 Get personal payment information SC-CoRE queryperso
9 Proceed with checkout per store Secure connection Store application, Online Payments application checkoutappinfo
10 Remove purchased items from the Grocery List (Authenticate) Secure connection Grocery Shopping List Application ope_e_ch
11 Assess personal goal  Data: Personal goal metrics ope_e_pa


activity_id activity_name activity_type activity_desc activity_output activity_output_desc activity_parameters
ope_q_gspg OPE_Query_GSPersonalGoals_method Operation OPE: Query. Grocery Shopping personal goals GS_list_state;Budget App_State: The Grocery shopping list number of items must be reduced 80% minimum Data: Budget = 200 rule(Data is mandatory) null
ope_q_gsappinfo OPE_Query_GSLissAppInfo_method  Operation OPE: Query. Query user's grocery shopping list application information GS_IRI Data: Application IRI and autentication keys, service descriptions null
ope_q_gsli OPE_Query_GSListItems_method Operation OPE: Query. Grocery list items GS_Ilist Data: A list of grocery items IRI_AutenticationKey
ope_q_peappinfo OPE_Query_PersonalStoresInfo_method Operation OPE: Query. User's preferred online grocery stores information Stores_IRI Data: A list of IRI, Autentication Keys null
ope_q_stappinfo OPE_Query_StoresCatalogue_method Operation OPE: Query. Catalogue of items per store Stores_Catalogue Data: A list of items and prices per store IRIList_AutenticationKey
ope_q_pers OPE_Query_PersonalPurchaseCriteria_method Operation OPE: Query. user's purchase criteria Purchase_Criteria Data: purchase rules (buy by lowest price), budget limit null
bestdealappinfo ALG_bestDealItemStore_method Algorithm ALG:
IF store has the lowest price for item THEN add (item,store)
Items_Store Data: list of items per store groceryList_stores_purchaseRules
placeorder ALG_placeOrders_method Algorithm ALG:
FOREACH (item,store)
add item into store.shoppingCart
Store_Cart_State App_State: The stores' shopping carts have items ready to checkout App_value: Total purchase itemsPerStore
queryperso OPE_QueryPersonalPaymentInfo_method Operation OPE: Query. User's payment informatoin CreditCard_Info Data: Credit Card autentication keys null
checkoutappinfo ALG_checkout_method Algorithm ALG:
FOREACH store.shoppingCart
IF (budgetLimit  + store.shoppingCart.total) <= 200
THEN  budgetLimit= budgetLimit-store.shoppingCart.total
AND OPE_Execute_Checkout()
AND OPE_Execute_Payment()
Checkout_confirmation Data: Confirmation of purchase per store. List or purchased items budgetLimit_creditCardInformation
ope_e_ch OPE_Execute_Checkout_method Operation OPE: Checkout to store.shoppingCart Purchase_Confirmation Data: Confirmation of purchase per store. purchasedItemsList
ope_e_pa OPE_Execute_Payment_method Operation OPE: Payment. store.payment(creditCard.info) Payment_Confirmation Data: Confirmation of payment transaction GroceryListItemsCountInit
ope_r_pappinfo OPE_Remove_PurchasedItemsFromList_method Operation OPE: Remove. Purchased items form the Grocery List app GS_list_remaining App_Data: Grocery Shopping list number of items remaining null
assesperappinfo ALG_AssesPersonalGoals_method Algorithm OPE_Query_PersonalGoalMetrics()
IF listItems.count <= 0.2(listItems.InitialCount) RETURN success
Webtasking_result Data: success or failure of the webtasking overall null
ope_q_peappmet OPE_Query_PersonalGoalMetrics_method Operation OPE: Query observable results from metrics (Grocery List items, CreditCard Statements) GS_List_items;CreditCard_statement Data: list of metrics null


resoruce_name resource_source resource_type
GS_App_list http://localhost:8080/GroceryList/getShoppingList_m WEBSERVICE
GS_App_remove http://localhost:8080/GroceryList/removePurchasedItems_m WEBSERVICE
Store_App_catalogue http://localhost:8082/GroceryStores/getCatalogueStore_m WEBSERVICE
Store_App_checkout http://localhost:8082/GroceryStores/checkout_m WEBSERVICE
Store_App_addCart http://localhost:8082/GroceryStores/addItemtoCart_m WEBSERVICE
Store_App_empty http://localhost:8082/GroceryStores/emptyCart_m WEBSERVICE
Store_App_removeCart http://localhost:8082/GroceryStores/removeItemCart_m WEBSERVICE
OnlinePayment_App_charges http://localhost:8081/OnlinePayments/getChargesByGrocery_m WEBSERVICE
OnlinePayment_App_addCharge http://localhost:8081/OnlinePayments/addCharge_m WEBSERVICE
SC_CORE_purchaseCriteria WEBSERVICE
SC_CORE_personalContext WEBSERVICE