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Miguel Jiménez, PhD Student


Research Interests

  • Software Deployment
  • Self-Adaptive Software Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems


  • PANORAMA: graphical environment to navigate and visualise large-scale deployment specifications.
  • Foodie Fooderson: a conversational agent for the smart kitchen
  • Pascani: component-based and statically-typed DSL for specifying
    dynamic performance monitors for component-based software systems.
  • Amelia: declarative and rule-based DSL for automating the deployment
    of distributed component-based software systems.

Contact Info

Engineering Computer Science Building
Rigi Lab - ECS 412
Victoria, BC. Canada
E-mail: migueljimenezachinte[at]

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability

I'm a Colombian young researcher working with the Rigi research team at University of Victoria.

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